Thursday, September 9, 2010

Autumn is in the air....

Pretty soon we will be walking through these leaves again. After going to the hospital to be with Ruth and visit her brother as well as her Aunt and a dear friend's sister who had surgery, I went for one of my scoota-pootin rides in the country. I drove up to Rougemont to buy some cheap gas (yes the 13cents a gallon I saved made the trip worthwhile since I was already on that side of town) and then made a really big circle driving down roads I've never been on before. I'm getting addicted to these little trips and may have to make them a regular event to keep my life in sync. It was so nice to ride through the country with the windows open but I did have to turn the air on low before I made it back home. Since I had decided to detour through a little town North of us, I stopped in at Bob's to pick up some BBQ Pork, Brunswick Stew, Chicken Salad, Cole Slaw and two pieces of Pecan Pie with a big cup of sweet tea to drink on the way home. I really like their little place - it never changes. The food is always the same - GOOD! I finally got out in service yesterday for a full day. I ended yesterday by going by to see Ruth and her brother. While we were standing in her yard talking right after I pulled up, a close friend of Dave's and one of our good old friends saw us and stopped in. It was so nice to see him after all these years and a little irritating that he looked so good and so much younger than Ruth and I - especially considering he is 4 years older than me! It was also nice to get caught up on family and hear how proud he is of his. We could tell it hurt him to hear how sick Dave is. It turned out her brother took a serious turn for the worse and had to be re-admitted to the hospital earlier in the week. The good news is Ruth's daughter came into town last night and that will be such a big help to the family. She took Ruth's Mom to the doctor today while we waited for Dave to come back from a procedure. I love butterflies almost as much as I love dragonflies. The Monarch can live up to 12 months but most of them have a very short life span. Some live only a few days but the average is 3-6 weeks. I am always in awe of these beautiful creatures and how delicate their wings are. They look like someone painted the designs on their wings and they also serve a very good purpose. So sad that man is trying to ruin the earth with his greed isn't it? We are approaching the season that makes me think even more about my Mom (if that is possible) since she died during one of the most beautiful Autumns I can remember. I've always been so grateful she had so much beauty to look at out her bedroom window. It is a time when the air starts to feel clean and crisp even when it gets warmer as the day moves on. The sun shines through the air full of all the different colors of the trees and you wish you could truly capture not just the image but the emotions it brings with it. So the Autumnal equinox for this year is September 22-23 which means it is officially still Summer but is really starting to feel like Autumn.

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  1. I can smell it in the air! And I love the slightly chilly mornings :) I'm going to have to go scoota pootin one day soon. I love doing that too!


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