Saturday, September 18, 2010

West Virginia......

A group from our congregation went to West Virginia this past week to work in very seldom worked territory. I was supposed to go but since I wasn't sure about my sister, I had to back out before they finalized the accommodations and travel plans. We didn't have anyone go last year so I was really looking forward to it. I have missed the friends that are there and can't wait to hear their experiences. The one time I went out of state was to Tennessee and it was great. This time is going to be quite different since there is no host congregation. The area to be covered is large and I'm thinking remote? Will find out more when they get back.I received this phone picture from Keith after he arrived up there. I'm so happy he was able to go even though his company had gone through some changes. I know he made it more special for everyone there - especially his Mom and Dad.I got this phone picture from him yesterday I think and decided that now he is just being mean. Don't they look like they are working hard? NOT!!! Hopefully next year--barring any unforeseen occurrences.

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