Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well I know much more about the heart than I ever thought I would need to know. We finally got Miya to the hospital to have her tests to determine how bad the heart murmur is. She was one unhappy little girl this morning. How dare we take her food bowl away at midnight! She put up a fuss until I put her in her carrier for the ride over after which she got pretty quiet. Poor baby - she knew she was going somewhere serious. BigD did a great job on the coffee this morning and it really hit the spot. Our appointment was at 9:30 so I programmed my GPS and headed out. I was well armed with her medical records, the parking ticket they sent me, things to read, water and some little chores that needed to be taken care of. It was pretty easy to find and we didn't have to wait too long. This is the 4th year student who came in first and asked tons of questions, did an exam and prepared me for how long everything would take. The doctor came in with the 4th year student and did an even more thorough examination while asking me even more questions and told me what procedures he knew they would do and some he might want to do after he started. Don't they look like teenagers? I was very impressed with both of them - including how wonderful they were with my little Princess. I asked lots of questions too and tried to sound like I knew what I was talking about. I then left , hooked my GPS back up and drove across town to a car wash I found on-line. My Ava has been screaming for a good cleaning and she finally got one. I hated having to park her under that tree again knowing how quickly she can be "soiled". I was getting a little hungry so I stopped on the way back at a quaint little restaurant at the corner of Peace and Glenwood. Mellow Mushroom took over a cool little place and made it their own. I sat outside under the porch in a comfortable chair and worked on my RV book while eating a BLT w/Avocado, sprouts and cheese on crusty french bread and a cool Key Lime Pie with great sweet tea. It was perfect. Then I headed back to the hospital and sat in the car for awhile working crossword puzzles. I got so sleepy I pushed the seat back and tried to catnap but just couldn't get comfortable with people walking by the car. The doctor had called to see if they could do one more test and I agreed so they told me to let the desk know they would be through at 2:30. Closer to 3 - they took me back in and gave me the news. She has Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy. I looked at the results of the echocardiogram on the computer and pictures of the heart. Bottom line - the walls of her left ventricle are thickening and getting hard, causing a problem with her mitral valve, mild mitral regurgitation,and mild left arterial enlargement. They did a heartworm test and will let me know the results when they get them. She has to take medication 2x a day. They first brought me pills and I explained how that would be impossible. They prepared it in liquid form (cost 3x as much but hopefully she will be okay with it). They can't fix Miya's heart but hopefully the medication will slow things down. After waiting for the new medication we made our way over to Krispy Kreme while I talked with Bentley telling him what I knew. Then I talked with Kurt which made him sad on so many levels. It brought back some bad memories of our dear Max. I sent him and Bentley the results the doctor emailed me so I'm sure they will help me understand better what we are dealing with. The funeral home called me again to confirm that I would be at the grave site for my sister's headstone being placed tomorrow. It turns out it will be earlier than they had thought. I got home to an envelope from my brother-in-law with the death certificates for my sister he ordered for all of us girls. I spoke with Ruth about her brother and things are moving along over there. I also wanted to ask her about us going to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning - hopefully it will be a nice break for both of us. I sent her (and the kids) a link with pictures of the market. The pictures on that site are great! I need to tell her we are going to get a cupcake and coffee from Daisy Cakes! Yum....


  1. I'm so sorry about Miya :( Hopefully she will be around for you for many more years to come.

  2. Thanks Katrina - we have given her three doses of her meds but it still took two of us. Not sure how I'm going to manage on my own. I was worried she was getting too much because she was so tired and lazy all day yesterday but this morning she seems to feel much better. We'll see. Feel foolish but been so weepy over her.

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