Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Odds and Ends.....

I've collected an assortment of pictures from things that have gone on recently that I will call Odds and Ends. I love nature - everything about nature (not that crazy about the mosquitoes, bugs, spiders and sometimes bees that like to bite/sting me, Page and Page2). I remember as a young girl sitting in the big front yard of our old house that was full of clover flowers and the four leaf clovers my sister Ruth could find so easily. I would sit there for hours looking at each and every clover trying to find one and she would walk up to tell me something, reach down and pluck one from right under my nose!!! ARGGHHHH!!! It used to drive me crazy. Now it turns out my Ann has the same "talent"? Not sure if talent is the word but it would be nice to have that fine tuned sense of observation wouldn't it? We would sit there for hours making clover flower necklaces. When you look at them - they aren't very impressive but they were pretty to us and we enjoyed making them. Let's see - sitting in soft thick grass making flower necklaces - wow - sounds good to me - how about you? Of course those bare feet always managed to find one fat bumble bee that would leave his wicked sticker in my foot which would swell so big I could not walk - but the flip side of that was I would miss my turn at mowing the grass if it came around that time. We had a HUGE yard so that would be the good part. I always ask about sharing pictures from someone else and am so happy when they don't seem to mind. As a rule, insects aren't my bag but some of them are so interesting you have to keep a picture of them. This one is so strange - until you look at the side view you almost think it is made of wood or plastic but sure enough - it is real. We have seen some really strange insects around our Lantana bushes at the KH recently - look like a cross between a large butterfly and wasp? And then you have insects such as beautiful caterpillars which become even more gorgeous butterflies and one of my all time favorites as my dear girls know - ALL dragonflies. I have always been mesmerized by these delicate insects with their helicopter bodies and delicate wings. They blend in so well with their surroundings that most of the time you can't see them until they are flying away. That brings me to the gifts given to me by my dear Ann and Lin. Of course most of you have already seen the pillow that I have been coveting for so long. When I stopped in, Ann gave it to me letting me know it was clean and had barely escaped the strong nails of their new family member - Dixie Lou - a gorgeous Golden Lab who is getting so tall and gangly but believes with all her heart that she is still a lap dog. The other gift she gave me is this delightful bottle (we both love bottles) with the dragonfly wrapped around it's neck - my dear Lin made the red dragonfly with the very long red tail. Aren't they too sweet? And then there was the pleasure of seeing Biscuit again. She is so cute - her hair was in a partial little ponytail on top and she was trying to talk up a storm until her Mom wanted her to - of course. Sadly - I get most of my pictures by "snatching" them from somewhere else but hey! I love pictures and I'll take them anyway I can get them. I just found tonight that Page didn't take her camera with her to Europe but she said her friends would send her copies. When she called today around 5pm (11pm her time), she sounded good. She has had some good days, sleeping better than usual and looking forward to what is to come. I'm so happy she loves her job. Of course I'm counting the days until I can see her in a few weeks. I just found out Kurt, Leah and Page2 will be here with us over that weekend.I love this picture of Page and Kimmy from the wedding on Sunday. Leah said the funniest thing that happened was during rehearsal. A horse-drawn carriage was to deliver Kimmy and Page at the start of a path through the garden. During rehearsal as they started walking down the path and some bees flew toward them and they both screamed and were running off the path - so during the wedding everyone was really hoping for no bees. When Page received the gift I had delivered to her home she called to thank me. I told her I wanted to know just one thing - "did she feel beautiful?". She hesitated and quietly said - Yes but also nervous." That is my sweet Page2. Then BigD wanted to know if I was talking to the "pothole" and she heard him and asked to speak to Granddaddy. The "pothole" is an inside joke - so funny.We have been taking notice of the changes we are seeing around us while in the ministry this week. I have no idea what kind of bird these feathers are from but noticed a big cat in the yard and decided not to speculate.The leaves have been changing slowly here for awhile now which is strange when they aren't changing that much further North. I can't help but wonder if the extreme heat we are still experiencing is contributing to it?Last night Ruth came by and ate some Pizza with us and we went up to the hospital to be with her brother for awhile. Can you believe it? She got the first spot just like I did! WOW - had to take a picture. We were amazed by her brother - he was drinking water!! Today when I spoke with her he was down in X-ray having the swallow test. They have been getting some good news as far as finances go so that has been a huge relief for Ruth. I know her family is really missing her but she is doing what is necessary for now. I wish I could do more to help her. Had a good day in service with Eileen and two other sisters today. Then she followed me to drop my car off to be inspected and serviced and we grabbed a bite to eat at Charlies Bar and Grille where her daughter used to work and I realized my niece Ann had performed in when she had her band!The Reuben and homemade potato chips we split were wonderful after which we found a shady spot and had our BS. I have definitely meandered long enough and I'm sure most people have stopped reading this boring entry. I have enjoyed some of my favorite wine (the price did drop again finally) and am waiting for BigD to come home.It is almost time to give Miya her second dose of medication for today. As you can see from the picture - she is still "barbering" her hind legs and behind - a symptom of her heart condition. I so hope she will get over this. I am giving her the meds alone for now since she scratched BigD so bad the last time he helped but I've told him he HAS to learn how to do it on his own if I'm to ever get to the beach again.

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