Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wishy - Washy.....

I know, I know - I am so wishy washy. I was just talking about how much I was hoping we would get rain because we need it so much and now I'm so over it. Today especially - it was dark, wet, drizzling, heavy and should have felt cold but didn't. Yuck. Maybe it is making me feel bad because I've already been depressed for way too much longer than is healthy. I love this picture though - the bright red of the bench offers a little hope for it becoming brighter. I just checkd the weather and it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so hopefully we got enough rain for awhile. The meeting tonight was great. This young man is giving his first talk on the front school and he is going to be 9 in a few months. When he walked off the stage - he had the biggest grin on his face which made all of us smile. Keith did a video for his Mom because she was home sick with Strep Throat. I really hate she wasn't able to be there. Page called me this morning (it was already afternoon there). She said she got so sleepy she had to leave the meeting for a few minutes. Poor baby - she has been going non-stop for so long now. I hope her time here will be much easier. Even though she will be working during the week, maybe coming home at night will be a break from hotel rooms. Looking forward to being with all the kids next weekend. Both Miya and BigD are snoring so I think I should join them. Nite

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