Sunday, September 5, 2010

Multiple Size Syndrome....

Kurt and Leah suffer from the same disease I do - I call it "Multiple Size Syndrome". As a rule, we can make our wardrobe work for our "various" sizes by adding a jacket or long sweater - but then comes that moment when you have to look your best for a special function and nothing you own "fits" the bill. After Kurt and Leah moved from Virginia Beach, two of their friends (Mom and daughter) stayed in touch with them, coming to visit several times. Leah and Page are supposed to be in the daughter's wedding this month. They both have their dresses and after alterations, they should be pretty much set. Recently, the bride asked Kurt if he would escort her Mother into the wedding! He felt so honored but found himself suffering from MSS. Since the bride asked him to wear a specific color, he knew he would have to purchase a new suit anyway so this is the one he got. He sent me a telephone picture and personally I think he is definitely a Studly Dudly. I hope they find someone they can trust at the wedding to get pictures of them - they are ALL going to be IN the wedding so who will get pictures of them????

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  1. I thought you were going to say that's what he wore to the wedding cause he didn't have a shirt that fit :)


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