Monday, September 6, 2010


Poor this telephone picture from Naoki earlier this afternoon. Michael fell out of a tree at a party - hello? They have to take him to an orthopedic surgeon to determine how bad it is. Hope it isn't too serious - he just started school and this will also interfere with his other activities. He is a busy young man. Then I got another text message from his Mom asking me for BigD's BBQ Ribs recipe because that is what he wants to eat for dinner. Boy - he is one smart little guy isn't he? Getting his Mom to cook his favorite foods while he is injured - oh yeah - that's my boy! So I got BigD to give me some guess-stimates and put together a recipe for them to use. Then I sent out a mass mailing to friends and family I thought would enjoy getting it also - everyone loves my dear hubby's cooking and I'll have to admit - he does a great job. GG came by and we all ate a bowl of Air-Popped Amish Popcorn. I don't really think it is all that healthy after BigD loads it down with salt and melted butter but it sho is finger lickin good! Bentley called while she was here to thank us for the flowers and good wishes during his surgery. They had just gone to a little country fair close to where he lives. He was telling me how much they are enjoying the GPS and I'll have to agree - I LOVE these little gadgets. I can go anywhere I want to with the knowledge that all I have to do when I get ready to come home is push a few buttons. It is much easier than what Dorothy had to go through and besides, I don't have the right shoes she had either. We also talked about a cough he has developed since the doctor changed his BP - I hope he will call him tomorrow and get it changed. Keith dropped by after service to give me some bad news about a dear friend. I'm trying to assimilate it into the world I live in right now but that world is becoming so crowded I'm finding it harder and harder to do. Is this what Bette Davis was talking about when she said "getting old ain't for sissies"? I thought it was just the aches and pains and feeling your body shifting and changing but I'm beginning to think it is all the rest. I love Bette Davis movies - wish I could find a bunch of her older ones, save them for a long rainy weekend, stock up on junk food and watch her movies all day long. She was a wonderful actress and honed her craft to the nth degree. Overall - it has been a good day today - BigD decided again that I needed sleep so I didn't wake up until 9am. We have had the door open all day, the sun is shining, the airfeels good and I'm still in my PJ's. I have been trying to read a book I started months ago and decided I was going to just "knock it out" today. I used to read all the time and when I got my hands on a good book would not put it down until I was through. I like to think I'm a little more balanced now but I really want to finish this book. I have been taking so long to actually get into it and now it is getting to the part of finding out who, what, where and why and I'm still not getting it done. But we had some company and several phones calls getting caught up with another old friend and for goodness sake - after all - the people in our lives are much more important than the books - right? But just in case you do read this, don't call me for the rest of the day - ya hear! If you want the recipe and weren't on my mailing list - email or text me and I'll send it on.

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