Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old friends, new friends and brand new friends....

My beautiful "old friend" from high school days has been here over a month now helping her younger brother who is very sick. She comes over during the weekend and spends a night with us to wind down. I love this picture I took of us sitting on BigD's back porch one night when he was at the coast fishing and we lit some of the sparklers I bought for the kids to have at the beach (we forgot we had them). Her gorgeous son and his beautiful wife and new granddaughter drove up to help with some things and we had them over for dinner last night. BigD and I both love babies as you can see from the picture to the right. She is such a cutie pie - and so happy. I really enjoyed meeting Ruth's daughter-in-law who is as gorgeous in person as she is in the pictures I've seen. I feel like I already knew her from FB and she is just as sweet as Ruth has told me. They brought their wedding album which is so nice - it is a book and the picture are the book. BigD grilled some steaks baked potatoes as well as some potatoes cooked on top of the stove with onions, green peppers and butter. Yum. I know Ruth hated to see them leave for home today but her son had to get back to work. It was so nice of them to drive up so Ruth's brother could see Paige (yep - she is the Page I mentioned earlier after she was born - Page3). Ruth's sweet hubby is driving up tomorrow and we are having them over for BigD's famous BBQ chicken. We are going to have Ruth's hubby help make it so he can teach Erik how to make it. So it was nice to be with old friends, a new friend - Chris and of course the brand new friend - Paige.

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