Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy day......

Today has been a busy day!  I slept pretty good the early part of the day but only got an extra hour in later this morning. Oh well - I'll take what I can get. Sweet Sher called to say she was on her way with the stuff she had picked up for me. What a loving friend she is.  She told BigD she would be back Thursday with his flu shot and he told her how he hates needles.
She not only went out of her way to pick up a few things I'll need once radiation starts but brought some extra goodies too. I enjoyed walking in the yard with her since it was such a pretty day. The leaves in my yard are so pretty - especially since they cut down so many of our trees the ones left look pitiful. Then Rose came over and brought some key lime pie from Fosters. I was so disappointed because I could barely taste the key lime but the whipped cream on top was good. So I asked her to walk with me too and unknown to us, BigD caught us on camera.
Okay - I can tell I'm really giving too much to my left side (arm and shoulder on side lymph nodes were removed through my neck) and need to work harder on my exercises. BigD just reminded me I need to get my driving license renewed this month. That should be great picture to last 5 years. Man! Page told me to call them and put it off. Hmm - might just try that. BigD bought me a humidifier but we aren't sure it is the right one. Leah told me to wait until next week when she and Page are here and if it isn't, they will take it back and get the right one.
And I almost forgot to mention two new arrivals - Fran's daughter who lives near Kurt and Leah and grew up with Kurt welcomed their twin boys today. They are so cute.

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  1. Can't wait to cuddle with those little cuties! i'm glad Sherry brought those things by. I'm sure they will be very useful.


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