Thursday, November 10, 2011

On my own.....

After promising BigD I wouldn't eat, take shower, walk outside or do anything else but drink water, do my studying and go potty, he decided to work this morning.  I expect him back anytime so I can get a shower before my dentist appointment.  I'm a tiny bit anxious about the thought of sharp instruments inside my poor mouth but so trust my dentist.  Hopefully the hygienist is good too.  I realized I couldn't find Miya when I woke up at 3:22am.  I even looked on the porch to make sure we hadn't accidently left her out there but no Miya.
I was very happy to be visited by her once I got in my chair with the plush throw that Page bought me and is so deliciously warm over me. As you can see, Princess Miya likes it too. She is a little antsy lately. Now that BigD is the one who makes sure she gets her heart medicine, he is taking it very seriously. If he doesn't get it in her at night, he will grab her in the morning. She was so funny this morning - sleeping so sweetly until she noticed him bringing me MY meds. That was all she wrote - haven't seen her since. :)

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