Thursday, November 10, 2011

Those who don't play backgammon ---- accessorize

I have a feature on my desktop that streams all my pictures across a small window. This one caught my attention today. It was taken almost 5 year ago this January and is Page2. Look closely between her toes....
I like to think of it as being part of her strong creative streak! Actually she is very creative in many ways. She gets it honestly from both her parents. Her Mom was telling me she played her guitar for her classmates and the teacher said it went very well, that Samantha was very comfortable and the class enjoyed it very much.   I can't wait to see her and all my babies in a few weeks. 
On another note, I had my dentist appointment this afternoon.  I can't believe how cold, wet and raw it has become.  I haven't walked in two days and I think it is supposed to be even wetter and colder tomorrow.  The hygienist was very nervous but did a good job.  She had to put some sweaters in a plastic bag and make a pillow because my head wouldn't go back far enough.  She was very careful and gave me a box of children's toothbrushes that are much better than the ones I bought as well as some samples of the toothpaste and mouthwash they want me to use. Of course Dr. J was wonderful as always.  He sanded the chipped place on my front tooth and will bond it later.  We think they might have chipped it when they intubated me. He wants me to use the mouthwash he prescribed for germs but I told him I would have to pass it by the radiation team.  As wet and dark as it was, we drove through a big neighborhood near our house and the leaves were beautiful - especially the reds.

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