Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Too many friends..... not possible

One time my sister-in-law told me I knew too many people. I thought that was so funny at the time but I'll have to admit, I do know a lot and I think more know me than even I realized.  I have attributed it to coming from a large family of girls who also have lots of friends, still living where I grew up, the many congregations I've been a part of, my extended family through my hubby and my work with the personnel agency.  I communicate pretty regulary with a friend up North and a new friend in AC - one whom I've never met face to face and yet we are quite close.  A friend said I had to also put it to my outgoing personality - who me?  That outgoing personality has been put to the test these past few weeks since I have been having to fight the inclination to crawl into a nice warm shell and hibernate until the bad stuff is over. I didn't even realize I felt that way but one of my really close friends evidently did and will not allow that at all. The funny thing is - her son was on the same page as she was. So Keith came and walked with me and had a talk with me the other day and his Mom, Gail, came today and cleaned my whole house.  BigD is ill because she absolutely refused to accept pay.  We both appreciate it SO much.  She had pep talks with my while she was cleaning and I do appreciate everything she said and know it is all true.  She put my new sheets Page bought me on my bed so maybe I'll sleep better tonight?  We'll see.
Bri sent me this picture of her little girl with her newborn. Roseanne was driving her back to Virginia after having her and the girls stay for awhile. Lani is looking more like Bri than ever. I think Very looks like Roseanne. We'll see.
BigD didn't wash dishes last night so he brought me my Ensure in one of my favorite glasses...yeah. So we are getting things ready - going to dentist tomorrow afternoon - have to have teeth cleaned before radiation starts and I think they chipped the corner of my front tooth with the tube during surgery so he will smooth that out too. I dread the thought of sharp instruments in my mouth but it has to be done. There are some things I need to get and have on hand before everything starts too. Rie and Gail said they will help me with my list when I'm ready. Everyone is being very careful to not touch me - trying to keep germs away so I don't get sick before the treatments start. It was a very pretty day but I didn't get a chance to walk. It is the first day I haven't so I don't feel too bad. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep a little better tonight. It's supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow but should be pretty again by Friday. I'll miss everyone while they are at the SAD Sunday. It's just knowing none of them are in town. I'm so glad we went when we did with our kids. Okay - that's enough....


  1. Glad to hear from you. It WAS a pretty day. Trying to soak in the nice days before it gets too cold. I love that picture of AJ and Deli -AJ looks like a baby doll :) Drinking ensure out of a stemmed glass makes you feel a little bit fancier/refined/classy right? ;) Love you!


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