Monday, November 28, 2011

Enough about ME.....

Had a busy but good week for the most part.  Page got in from Atlanta Tuesday night and was able to go with us to my last radiation on Wednesday last week.  Sadly, we got some disturbing news - turns out the lumpy - bumpies the radiation oncologist questioned over 3.5 weeks ago and the surgeon said it was nothing became a little "more" defined" - "two defined" places.  He took pictures at which time Page asked him what did the surgeon mean when he said he got it all and the margins were clean and once again, he said this particular melanoma is extremely aggressive and will go where it wants to.  The surgeon came over to look and he wasn't happy at all.  He said he was concerned and wanted to do a biopsy (will be tomorrow morning).  The radiation oncologist told him he wasn't too far in with my treatment to make some changes if needed.  The surgeon took my hand and said "now - it could still be scar tissue".  I'm like - Yeah - right!  Felt so good about how well I did with the radiation and then this.  BUMMER!  So tomorrow I go at 10am for biopsy and then go back at 5:30 for more radiation.  It took me awhile to settle down into the mask today - lots of reasons including the ever changing mucous that almost chokes me now.  Love my team - they told me to stop apologizing and to trust them that they understood. ENOUGH ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!
BigD and Kurt went fishing Thursday and Friday and had a really nice time.  They caught about 60 pounds of blow-fish which they both love to eat.  Ann came Friday and brought the kids and a nice big ham.  Page and Leah made green beans, deviled eggs, and Leah's famous Mac N Cheese.  They made a bunch of "pain-killers" and were having a good time. Keith came by to hang out with them and we all felt for a bit like we were at the beach.  Thanks guys - that was fun.
Matt took this pitiful picture of the two of us and the next one of him and "his" girls which was a little blurry.
The best one taken though was the one of him and Page - she offered to "pose" as his older girlfriend to beat off the girlfriend wanna-bees.
What are good friends for - right? He loved it. We all loved her new very short hair cut. I think she is enjoying it too. Very easy to take care of. Kurt, Leah and Page left Sunday night for home and Page had to be at the airport at 5:45 this morning for a 7am flight home. I miss them all......They will be back the end of next month but how can I wait that long? I think it's called '"""" having NO choice"""""".


  1. I thought Page looked beautiful when I was her last Wednesday. Love the short hair! I'm sorry about the crummy news :( My prayers and thoughts are with you. Glad you got to spend some time with your kids.

  2. Love the short hair. She will love it. Miss you see you soon.


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