Monday, November 21, 2011

Radiation #2 done, done...

We were called and asked to come early which was good. Got there even earlier than expected took my "happy pill" and was taken back about 40 minutes after that. It didn't seem to take as long today - I still had to do my
deep breathing and pray quite a bit but they said I did good. I can't stress enough just how very tight the mask is.  We go tomorrow at 6:30pm and Wednesday at 3:30pm. Go figure. Since Gail and Rie were still cleaning our nasty little house, we ran a few errands for BigD while I sat in the car including picking up another box of Ensure from Costco....
I took a picture of the sky with one tiny bare tree which shows just how quickly Autumn has come and gone. The weather was pretty mild today but the nights and mornings are quite chilly for this old Southern Lady....
The house feels and smells so nice and clean - Rie and Gail will never truly know how much I appreciate it. BigD does too - especially since Page will be in late tomorrow and Kurt, Leah and Page2 will be in Wednesday night. BigD bought me a Cook Out Chocolate Malt Shake and after two sips - NAH - tasted so bad it almost made me cry cause I really wanted it. Oh well - soon.
I'll just look at my sweet bobbing ladybug and it will make me smile. You know - after all - tomorrow is another day.
We lost a wonderful friend/parent/mother/grandmother/woman this week and our love goes out to her family. I met her and her beautiful husband first through my Mom (she worked with my Mom and would give her a ride to work at times and her beautiful hubby repaired our washers and dryers for years). Later, I met her through my niece (actually- BigD's niece) when she dated and eventually married her younger son. We have enjoyed being in their company as part of a big extended family many times and she always made sure to tell me how much she loved Mama. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family...... Farmor will be missed by many.


  1. The picture of you on the table in the white room looks like it was taken out of a sci fi movie. So sorry you don't have your taste, that would drive me so crazy. What's the joy in eating if you can't taste? Well, I hope it comes back soon. Always thinking about you. I hope you enjoy the time with your kids.

  2. love you miss you see you soon


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