Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I really don't have a title for this entry so will just touch base by putting up a few pictures.  Been three Up and Down weeks since the surgery and believe me - you really don't need to hear any of the "gory" details. We met with my Radiation/Oncologist team today - velly interesting and scary at the same time.  If goes as planned, radiation will start week of Thanksgiving when all the kids are here.  Very detailed preparations - more on that later.  Can't even begin to tell everyone how much their love, support and especially prayers have meant for me and my family. BigD is taking very good care of me. Page made some spreadsheets that tell him exactly what to do with meds, etc.. So many flowers and beautiful cards.  Rose sends me a card every day and when Leah's parents were on vacation, they did the same thing.  So sweet.
I've saved all the cards and will treasure every one of them. I so appreciate the calls and emails. I don't wander far from the house except for medical appointments because of the feeding tube. BigD is very concerned about germs as we have entered flu season and it would not be good for the treatments coming up.  Not too much to share but just wanted to thank everyone again for all their support and to say I'm still here.


  1. Welcome back! You have been sorely missed. As soon as this sore throat goes away I'm coming over to give you a great big hug. I love all of the flowers, they are beautiful. The smiley face bouquet is a cute idea. Thinking of you often, so I was very happy to see your post tonight. I hope the treatment goes well. And I'm proud of Big D for taking such good care of you, good man!

  2. So happy you posted. We've been thinking of you and praying for you. I hope your treatments go well. There are so many of our brothers sick right now, we definitely need the new system.


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