Saturday, November 19, 2011

I guess it is official --- I'm a Ninny.

So after looking up the word ninny and finding quite a few definitions - I chose this one to describe what I was yesterday: NINNY - Someone who is afraid of everything and has no courage; see pansy.
BigD and I got to Radiation Oncology on time after finding our special parking place and where we are supposed to put our Blue Appointment card. They called us back where we met our Technician
who had my mask in her hand. I have her name somewhere but can't remember it. I felt pretty good - got right up on the table, held on to the the handles that held the foot plate against my feet which pulled my shoulders down - exactly like when the mask was made. They put the mask over my face (which is now very hard) and pressed it tightly against my nose and face ........... take if off, take it off!!!! OMGoodness - I had no idea it was going to be pressed down so tight. SO - I didn't make them wait around - when they offered the anti-anxiety med, I said absolutely. SO - that meant I went to the back of the line while the doctor was called, a prescription was ordered. The doctor wanted to give me a script for it so I can have it for each appointment if needed but he wanted to wait and see how loopy I was after this appointment. He gave me 1 mg and said if I was a little loopy, he would make it 1/2 mg. That was fine with me. So back to the waiting room for it take affect and this time I did good. I couldn't believe how tight it was on my forehead (large red mark there that lasted awhile) but it has to be tight so the machine will hit the right mark every time. That works for me. They took quite a few x-rays while I was in the mask. I apologized for being such a ninny and they kept assuring me that tons of people have to have help - some for every appointment - others get used to it and don't need it.  Yeah --- I'm a ninny.  He gave me 1mg and I told him if BigD thinks I'm loopy, I'll cut it in half.  Since next week, the Radiation Oncology Department is closed Thursday and Friday, my first treatment will be tomorrow morning at 9am followed by my second one on Monday at 12 noon.  When they asked, we let them know we preferred early morning appointments so we'll find out Monday what our future appointments will be.
They put a new mark on my chest and put tape over it so I don't wash it off. Okay - when did my chest get so old looking? Oh I wish I could tell Eileen's Mom how right she was - she told us to notice how nice our skin was while we were young because it won't gonna last! How right she was.
A look at the pretty tulips Sher brought me earlier this week. They were tight little buds when she brought them - I told her to just pick a vase from the stash and she picked one of Mama's! So I don't only look at the flowers and smile and think of Sher, I smile and think of Mama too! I believe I got the best and most (total) sleep last night so far. When I picked up my prescription, the pharmacist suggested the biotene chewing gum for when I wake in the middle of the night with horrible dry mouth and it worked!!!!! I also picked up and used some nose breathing strips last night so maybe together they worked. Gotta get up and shower and dress. Lora and Elbert are coming for a visit later.
I almost forgot to mention the PIE! Darrell and Mich came over last night and Darrell brought me his home made chocolate pie - his Mom's recipe I think. I was quite excited and hated to call to tell him - I couldn't taste it - BUT BigD could and said it tasted a whole lot like Mama's recipe. Oh Man! He will have to make me another one when I can taste again. I can smell the bacon BigD is cooking right now but can't eat that yet. We are going to put the pie in the fridge (what's left of it) so Page can try it. They are on their way to the beach - be the first time we missed being down there this particular week in years.  Of course, if the weather is good, BigD, Kurt and maybe Tony are going to drive down to fish a few days while Page, Leah and Page2 are here with me.  Hope it all works out.


  1. Oh man, be a ninny as much as you want! I hate tight spaces and probably would have freaked out the whole time. I will be glad when all of this is over. Hang in there, strong woman. Love

  2. Sorry, I don't think after all the things you've been through lately, that I would describe you as a Ninny...and if you decide to keep that title, then I wanna grow up and be a Ninny JUST LIKE YOU!


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