Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five months and counting...

Hard to believe I had my surgery 5 months ago as of next Saturday. It is also hard to believe that Winter is all but over and it has been a very mild one. I do wish we would have a deep frost for several days as that would be good for farmers and gardeners. I will be having surgery on Monday to remove the cancer on my nose. I don't expect there to be any complications and people who have used this surgeon say he is very good. It turns out BigD will be having a similar surgery on two places on his nose that came back positive on April 4th by the same doctor. Anyone who knows him could tell you just how happy he is about that. He also found out the insurance company approved a second treadmill test for Thursday. We think the Doctor is concerned about the success of his stent since he doesn't feel that different and is still tired. Hope the test shows the stent is in place and doing it's job.
I wake up all the time to find Princess Miya laid out across my lap sleeping up a storm. We have to do something about how we are feeding her. She has gained about four-plus pounds this past year and is way overweight. She isn't going to like it but I know it will keep her with us longer. BigD has been real good about making sure she gets her heart medicine.
Lin sent me this picture of her little boy who joined the ministry school. Life is starting to get even crazier starting next week. It was nice to have a break last week and this week from going to the hospital every week.
I think I'm about as ready as I am going to be to start getting my treatments. I have come to really like my Oncologists' Assistant. She is a lovely, high energy, super positive woman who tries hard to anticipate, explain and answer everything honestly. She knitted this beautiful sweater for herself and recently made another kind for her mother-in-law. I will be seeing her all morning on Friday  next week and then will start the treatments on March 19th.   I so wish I could say I'm "much" better but that would be a lie.  I've had two hard days yesterday and today with the pain being pretty intense several times.  I am better though and have got to push myself harder to get more exercise.  Page sent her travel information and will be here with us the first week of my treatment. I'm really glad she will be here because I'm not sure what will be going on between me and BigD.  I am so hopeful the stent is in place and everything is good with him.  We were talking about how we can't believe we have reached that age where every thing starts falling apart but we can't live in denial any longer.  I spoke with Leah a few minutes ago.  Kurt is home on antibiotics with a sinus infection and feeling rotten.  She said they were hoping to get down to see me soon.  He has been having to work on Saturdays almost every weekend.  Page2 spent this past weekend with Leah's parents and went out of town to visit family. I will have to admit it has been too long and I would like to see them all soon if they can get away. 


  1. I hope Kurts Sinus infection gets better soon, and that they can get down to see you soon. 5 months...MAN! I'm so sorry that this has taken up so much of your life. I'm sure you're anxious for it to be over with. You're constantly in my thoughts. I wish this household could hold the germs at bay long enough for us to get over and see you. I hope everything is going alright with Big D's stint. Love you!

  2. We enjoyed seeing so much last week! Biscuit keeps asking me when we are going back to Tnisha's house (insert deep nasal sound for the "TN")...

    We LOVE you very much!!

  3. Glad to see a new post. Love you. Won't be there this Thursday because i have some appts.


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