Monday, March 12, 2012

I am much more secure than even I thought....

Yikes! Wait until tomorrow after I take the bandage off and you will see exactly what it looks like. Went to the wonderful Dr. Cook today to have the cancer removed from my nose. It was right on the end of the nose and not an easy place to work with. This doctor is famous for the work he does after the cancer is gone. He takes only a little bit each time until he sees all the margins are clear and then he works his magic.
He drew lines and circles on my nose and down one side; then he told me how he would cut and stretch the skin until it covers the hole he cut in the end of my nose. The worst part of everything was the original shots in the end of my nose for him to get all the cancer out. Ouch doesn't even come close to how bad that pain was but I'm not going to tell BigD because I am afraid he will refuse to go next month to have the two on his nose removed. I looked at it after he finished and was amazed. So once again, I have a doctor who is an expert at what he does - color me fortunate. The feeling is starting to come back so have to close and take some real drugs.
Had to show you the pretty pajamas Eileen bought me yesterday. I slept in them last night and they were so comfy. She bought herself a pair just like them. They are super soft and my new favorite to sleep in. Will be awhile before I can sleep in them again - can't pull anything over my head for awhile. BigD just walked in - my hero - he is fixing my pain med as I type. Man - that happened fast. OUCH!!!!!! Oh - how many women do you know who would let you see just how bad they can look? Secure!!

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  1. I'm so sorry that you are in pain :( Definitely don't spill the beans to big D, he'll never get it done!! Men are babies when it comes to pain ;-) Love the shot of your nose bandage and that you are secure with yourself, keep up that good sense of humor!! Thinking of you :) See you tomorrow!


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