Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life goes on......

Had my first Interferon treatment yesterday in the brand spanking new Cancer Clinic.  It was a relief to have my PICC line flushed and the bandage changed.  They did a wonderful job on this facility - it is beautiful and built in such a way as to make you feel soothed and comforted. I will try to remember to get a few pictures to show you later. I pretty much had the reaction they had prepared me for - chills and fever.  They loaded me up with meds before they started the drip, eventually had three heated blankets on me and I felt pretty bad most of the evening.   Since yesterday was my first treatment, they spent a lot of time with us. Page is working today through Thursday
at the local office of her company so we took the Black Beast to my appointment today.  After my treatment, BigD was taught how to clean and flush my line over the weekend.  They will teach Page on Friday so she will be the one doing it the first weekend.  My reaction wasn't as strong today but they did say it will build up and get worse.  One day at a time.  We were only a few minutes late to my appointment to have the stitches removed from my nose. It didn't take long at all and I'll be going back in a few weeks to follow up.
I had to share this picture I "snatched" from FB of the latest addition to our family - Ava. She is one of Ruth's great-grandchildren and as pretty as her brother who is a doll. BigD wanted to take advantage of having someone with me this week to go fishing for a few days. He will leave in the morning and come back Friday. Judy will take me to my appointment tomorrow and Deb will take me on Thursday. I so appreciate those who have offered to help with this. Hopefully it will not take as long and my friends won't have to give up too many hours in the day waiting on me. Page will be with me on Friday and that will be a longer day since I have to meet with my nurse practitioner and maybe my oncologist.

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  1. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I hope it doesn't get too worse. The newest member to your family is ADORABLE!! Makes me want to pinch those chunky cheeks :)


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