Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things that make your heart smile....

Hasn't been the best day so far - so hoping tomorrow isn't as hard as I think it might be.  From what we have been told -  it will be a long day. Hope it will be a simple, straight-forward surgery that he gets it all on the first try.  Then I got a text message with the following sweet picture.
Lin and Rand's three babies. All three of them are so smart. Such a sweet and loving young family. I have really missed seeing them.
Bri's sweet little Rose and June sleeping together...
Such a good older sister holding onto to her little sister. Bri is facing some surgery in the near future but I feel very strongly it will all go well for her. All prayers are welcome for her though.
Another cutie I snatched a picture from FB of. This is Ruth's granddaughter. I used to think she looked like her Aunt Amy but now I think she looks more like Ruth and her own pretty Mommy. She has been having some health problems for awhile now so I'm really hoping they will all be taken care of soon and she will not remember all these past few months.
Kurt sent me a picture of a Butt Tree to go with my Boob Tree. He and Leah have been working a lot and Leah is busy helping with her brother's upcoming wedding. I really miss them - haven't seen them or my only granddaughter in forever. It is a beautiful day today - we had to move our clocks forward (lost an hour).  Been trying not to dread next week but have enjoyed not having to go to appointments this week. Had some friends over for dinner last night. BigD  grilled some of his famous sirloin steaks, green pepper, onion and potato casserole and a salad with his delicious bleu cheese dressing.  He even fixed a plate for them to take home to Keith but I'm not sure he will get to see it. Gail said it was tempting to not even tell him about it. Don't get too excited - I had my Ensure and water.  Looking forward to eating real food again one day.  Since I can't taste anything and most food smells bad, I'm not too worried about it right now.  Looking forward to seeing Page next Saturday.

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