Friday, March 9, 2012

Things that make you feel vunerable......

Sad to report that we have been victimized once again.  They didn't break into the house and take a TV, stereo, leaf blower or camera this time.  They broke into our car and truck and took loose change in ashtray, keys, my GPS, the knob off the end of the windshield wiper, and tried to straight wire and start my car last night.  The sheriff who answered our call said the man behind us and 9 other people on our street had their vehicles broken into also.  He also said they broke the knob off the windshield wiper and took it from every  car. I guess they wanted a "trophy"?  Who knows. They didn't take my CD's - guess they didn't like my taste in music. Our little cottage has been a magnet for burglars ever since we moved here over 36 years ago. We also had our cars robbed once before about 10 years ago.  Anyone who has ever been a victim knows all the emotions you go through once it happens to you. We are now having to re-visit the idea of putting up No Trespassing signs to stop the traffic through our yard to the neighborhood behind us.  We haven't wanted to do it because it helps our neighbors not have to walk a very long distance to the bus stop across the street from our house. I had a nice visit from Ray and Martha today. They brought me a CD with pictures from their youngest son's wedding that took place this past Saturday.  I was so sad to have missed it but am very excited for them.  It has been nice not having any appointments for a while but that ends after this weekend. Got to fill out some papers this weekend for Monday when I have surgery on my nose, on Wednesday, BigD has an appointment with his heart specialist to get the results of the tests he had this week, then I have three appointments back to back at Duke on Friday morning to prepare me for the treatments I will be receiving. Page will fly up on Saturday and will be here for a week. Some of that time she will be working out of their local office and will also see how I respond to the treatments.  Eileen came by today for me to attempt putting a label on an invitation we will be handing out for the Memorial.  After I did the first one, she looked at it and said - Nope - I'll do them.  How sad is that?  I can't put a label on straight, draw a straight line, sew a straight line, write in a straight get the picture?  Sad.
The sun is almost gone, the days are getting longer, and Spring is upon us. Time actually does fly faster in my life now than at any other time. Princess Miya Chula Yum-Yum is taking a nap beside me, BigD is cooking some BBQ chicken for dinner, I just got off the phone with all my children and the ACC tournament is tonight with Duke playing in about 20 minutes. Hope all my loved ones have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh man! I am so sorry that you were robbed :( How many times has it happened to you? I can definitely relate to the emotions that you go through. So sorry.


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