Sunday, March 18, 2012

What happened to Winter and Spring?

To say we had a mild winter is putting it "mildly" to say the least.  I'm not sure we can say we have had a Spring since the temperature has already been in the 80's.  I have a feeling this Summer is going to be a real scorcher.  Enough whining - Page got home last night and it was good to see her pretty face again.  Her job has been so much better since they finished the huge projects last year and it was good to see the stress had left her face and body.  She made her reservations to come back for Page2's Spring Break.  Page will keep her here until she goes home on Wednesday and then Page2 will either go back home or her parents will come for a long weekend.  I'm happy I don't have to wait until then to see them.  Leah said Kurt has asked for next weekend and they plan to come down for a short visit.
I wanted to have a record of how my "new" fingernails look. I was a nail biter my whole life. I would bite them past the quick as well as the cuticles. When I learned the Truth, I stopped smoking (yes, I smoked a lot when I was quite young) and using profanity (yep - did that too) cold turkey. Since I was "addicted" to both of these things, BigD has never gotten over me quitting both of them in one day.  My nails have never been pretty like my Mom and sisters. Mine were very thin and brittle with ridges. Since I have been on so many meds, I've realized they are stronger and don't break as easily. Even my cuticles look good. Page pointed out that now they look like hers and they do! It's funny because Page, BigD and I have hands that are shaped alike but Kurt got the long slender fingers of the rest of our family. Go figure.
I received this picture in a text message yesterday that said, "You didn't tell us you were famous". Kimmie was shopping for a purse at Macy's and this was the name of one of the lines she was looking at. I wish I had that kind of money. I haven't met many people with my name that are much younger than me. There were tons of us born within about 10-15 years of each other but I haven't really seen it used much since then. I was not called the normal nicknames and will not answer to any of them except for the two my Mom called me - Tricia and Triciajane. My family calls me those two names also. I just had to share these cute pictures of Rose and June I "snatched".
They are both just too cute for words. Rose is enjoying her new "big girl" bed and June is enjoying her juicy toes!
I also wanted to post a few of the pictures taken of Rick and Diane at the Grammy Awards this year.  They hired a PR Agent and one of the perks is his customers get a free ticket to a private box with food and drinks to the Grammy Awards each year. How exciting is that?  The picture of Rick and Terence Howard was taken outside of a restaurant.  Rick recognized him and they had a great conversation.  What an exciting evening they had.  He said the whole show was great,  Adele sounds even better live and that Paul McCartney
still looks good.  He said they told Diane how to pose in her gown and that part was even fun.  It is sad that we don't get to see each other that often but everyone is sooo busy these days.  He tries to stay in touch so his Mom (my spiritual Mom) doesn't get too worried about me.  They are trying to figure out a way for her to actually come for a visit with him and maybe get over here to see for herself that I'm okay.  I would so love to see her too.  She sends me sweet cards several times a week.  I realized she had learned from my sister Rose how they sign off from cards, telephone calls and letters to each other.  When Dee was a little girl, she would tell her Mom and Dad she loved them.  One day, Rose asked her how much do you love me?  Dee said 2 pounds!  Rose said 2 pounds?  Is that a lot?  Dee said it is the most you can love someone.  So from then on, they will say 2 pounds every time they talk to you and write you.  Now Cat signs all her cards 2 pounds.  So sweet.


  1. Wow so much has been going on. When do you find time to be sick?? I can't believe that I just plane forgot about your blog, which is a big duh for me as I spend way to much time on crochet blogs. I'm trying to make stuff to sell, which would be easier if I didn't have to keep stopping to make stuff for my little people but I wouldn't have it any other way. I did an angry face for my grandaughter, the boys have chosen different ones (they are seven now and are getting a little bit independant of each other)one is a shark hat that looks llike it is eating his head and the other is "angry bird" you know, the new game every one is all pumped about.
    You know your nose looks way better than what you made it sound like. I was expecting an hole in the end but it looks just fine. So now on to chemo sheesh girl, how long will that last? I also now from hanging out with my Georgians down here say hey constantly, not to mention podunk (my new favorite word). I wonder how long it will take my family to start saying it. I suspect the world could use a southerner/English dictionary:) I do hope that chemo is a little easier on you than the radiation was. I guess at least you don't have to be strapped down on the table like you were. I so wish this was over for you. I missed a few of your blogs but you are always in my prayers at bedtime. Looking forward to "gabbing" with you like before. Love Pam

  2. I can't believe they went to the grammys!! How fun! Dianne looks lovely! I am shocked that the meds you are on have made your nails pretty, I would have guessed that they would have had a reverse effect. So you have a secret purse line? Is this your alternate personality? Very cool! When do I get my bag? :) I Love the 2 pounds, very cute!

  3. Enjoyed our visit Sun. Encouraged S.L. to set small goals.
    love you


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