Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Stuff.......

Stuff, a slang term may refer to: items, things, or matter.  My dahlink Katarina came over yesterday with her pretty little KennaKat.  Look at the beautiful array of flowers she brought me!  I know - a woman who knows how to make my heart smile.  Some of my favorites too.
She also came over to pick up my sewing machine that I am lending her to use for awhile. I can't wait to see what kinds of creations she comes up with. I was going to give her just the broken pieces of hand blown glass iris flowers Princess Miya managed to destroy. Then I decided to give her all that was left of them since they didn't look right without petals. I'm sure she will create something lovely with them. KennaKat gave me a hug when they left even though I'm sure my poor face scared her a bit. Such a sweet little girl. Gail came yesterday afternoon and cleaned my house. When she found out Page was coming in this Saturday, she changed the sheets on her bed. She called out that Princess Miya had climbed under the sheets while she was putting them on and was not moving.  
I told her to go ahead and finish making it.  Later, we walked back to see where Miya was and sure enough, she was still under the covers sound asleep. It was nice to have a visit with Gail before she had to leave.  I hope she knows how much we appreciate all she does for us.   I also had a nice visit from Keith later yesterday even though he laughed when he saw my face.  Roseanne came today for our family study and Eileen came by not long after.  They enjoyed getting caught up with each other.  Of course Eileen brought more flowers. The ones she had brought 2 weeks ago were getting a little sad. I love the deep rose color this week.
After Eileen left and before we could get started there was a knock on the back door. What a surprise! It was Merrell - an old friend from years ago. BigD and Pop both worked for his family's company. Pop retired from there and BigD worked there when we got married up until he went into the Navy. BigD has stayed close to him through the years so I've heard about him but haven't seen him in a long while. He visited with me and Roseanne while waiting for BigD to get back from ordering parts for my car that have to be replaced as a result of the vandalism the other night. What a wonderfully nice and conversational older man. He had wanted to come see me and BigD because of all that has been going with both of us. How thoughtful of him. As soon as Merrell saw my nose,
he knew exactly why it looked like it did. He had the same procedure done by the same doctor and said he likes him as much as I do. BigD will have his done next month. Yep - I'm secure. Maybe I should have put a disclaimer before posting that picture. It isn't for those who are faint of heart.  BigD was pleasantly surprised to see Merrell when he got home.  I could tell it made him feel good that he had come all the way across town to visit us.  Before BigD came home, I told Merrell how he has taken such good care of me these many months of illness we have been going through. And I mean WE because it has affected him as deeply as it has me on many levels.  I take so many different medications during each day for so many different things it is not funny.  We use the chart Page made for us so we can keep up with them all.  On top of that, BigD now has his own issues we are dealing with.  I was a little disappointed in myself when I realized yesterday that I would have to cancel my follow-up appointment with my surgeon.  There is no way he can examine me while my nose is in the condition it is.  I will find out Monday when that will be possible.  I know it is going to be hard to get an appointment with my surgeon any time soon but there was nothing I could do about it once I had already had the surgery before thinking of it. Duh! Was just getting ready to close this post when Rose called to tell me something.  While we were talking BigD mentioned he had called Ann's hubby and son again and gotten no answer.  I told Rose I was going to call Lolo and make sure everything is okay. It was so funny because as soon as she answered, Lolo told me she was thinking about me. I knew she reads my blog and would have called if anything was wrong. We agreed that we pretty much were just taking a break so to speak. She sounds so good and I realized I have missed that sweet voice of hers. She told me Tad is on an adventure with his 88 year old sister who drove from Oregon to visit him. They are on a road trip to see their few remaining siblings. There is a chance they will come down here to see his brother who lives in Raleigh. I'm excited that we might get to see him but either way, they are definitely coming down this summer. Woo Hoo.
BigD brought in the post card above when he got the mail. This is from my niece we all helped raise some money for a special group trip to Dominican Republic. She had a ball and wanted to thank us for helping her be able to be a part of a grand adventure.


  1. Good day. Loved seeing you and Dwight.

  2. Lovely seeing you the other day :) Thanks for the sewing machine! I can't wait to sit down and make something! KennaKat picked out those pink flowers for you. Hope your nose heals up soon!


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