Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three wonderful days....

Wow - got out in service Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - I'm back..... It was tough at first; especially climbing one hill but I did it! I did walking territory and then return visits. Keith and Cellus worked with us Tuesday morning and that was a special treat! This picture doesn't do it justice but this was a very large praying mantis sitting on a householder's driveway in the sun. You could tell his end was coming soon but it truly was one of the biggest I've ever seen. I went out to Bahama to visit Mae and have my car cleaned real good by Bry - he is so sweet! Sadly, when I drove up to the farmhouse, I found a dead hen. It turns out a chicken hawk got her! Bry was so upset and angry (she was a pet to the whole family) he borrowed Mae's 22 Rifle to try to kill the hawk. Since he had never handled a gun before, Mae and I were explaining how it worked, etc., and when he went outside (we both laughed about two old women explaining to someone how to shoot a gun. He didn't think he hit the hawk but he scared it off. It was so good to be with Mae again and a special treat was when her baby boy visited for a bit! Life was feeling quite good by Wednesday night when I walked in the territory much easier.

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