Sunday, September 20, 2009

Visit from good friend and bubbles...

Well the weekend has gone by so fast. Seems like the girls just got here and now it is time for them to start packing up to go home. The sun finally came out today and we went on the deck for a few minutes to visit and get a little sun (for me, very few as the skeeters were biting).Page2 got to show off her talents for blowing bubbles!- the camera can't really catch it though. We had a nice visit from Keith who came to see the girls for a few and ate a bite of lunch with them. I love the way Keith has his mouth all puckered up to help her blow. Page2 has always called Keith Mapp! She loves her some Mapp as we all do! He is such a special person - not young man, not young brother, but person! I am happy I have him in my life - he is a good friend. He has so many friends he has to literally "buy out time" to keep up with half of them.

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