Thursday, September 24, 2009


Woke up early to the noise of Big D opening the closet door looking for the new shirt Page bought him from Atlanta - he wanted to wear it to jury duty today. He wore the other one yesterday. :-) Even though he was hoping they wouldn't call him, I think he is enjoying it somewhat. I went back to sleep and woke up at 10:00AM!!!! Wow - that is late for me. My normal clock isn't good for real world activities so I'm constantly trying to get back in-sync with what I need to do. I think it was good for me though because I can honestly say I feel a little better this morning. It was also nice to not have anything I had to do (other than wash some clothes for Big D to take fishing). I took my first cup of coffee, the crossword puzzle and comics onto the deck. Someone had mentioned I should sit in the early morning sun to get some Vit D so I thought I would try it.By the time I got out there, there was one little slice of sun shining down where I moved my chair. After finishing the word jumble, comics and puzzle, I just sat for awhile meditating. I decided that no matter how small it may be, if you put soft sunlight, green plants, trees and few left-over flowers together - it can make you feel hmmmm good.I think that is what Roseanne and I loved about England/Wales. They use every opportunity to bring a little piece of nature into their lives. I was looking at Martha Stewart's blog today where she walked over her huge farm in the fog and it was gorgeous but then I thought about the little garden that Rosie had created in the tiny courtyard in front of her cottage in England and how much we enjoyed it every morning - probably just as much as Martha enjoys her many acres. I'll have to admit, I'm not much of a gardner at all. Like so many other things, my talent is how much I can appreciate those who have talent. I also tend to like less manicured areas - which is good because there ain't no manicured look around this tiny little house. There has to be a half-way point somewhere but we definitely haven't reach it! Especially out by the shed and beside the porch where "stuff" has been dropped to accumulate. Like I keep saying, I should have been born rich instead of beautiful so I could afford someone to keep it up!I've been complaining a little about how bedraggled the back yard has become but at least we have some green there now. They cut down so many trees around us and then this past year in our own yard to put a ditch in. We also used to have a huge pine tree right herebeside the old sweetgum tree but it was leaning so far over the house we decided it too had to go. When we first moved here, we were so isolated - there were deep woods behind us and woods between us and the nearest houses. Now there are neighbors all around us who have cut down all the trees and have tons of cars and people and big metal buildings right beside your deck and lights. What's up the lights? Why come to the country if you want to bring lights with you? We don't live in the country anymore. I guess that is what they call progress.......

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  1. I'm so glad you felt a bit better yesterday! I hope that continues on to today!


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