Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a few more from the lovely party this past Saturday..

Some friends sent more pictures and I just had to share. You have to remember, my babies all live away from me and this is one way they keep up with me. It is also much better than sending tons and tons of pictures through email. I had to share one "hootchie mama" outfit Lauren got.Actually she got quite a variety of items and for the most part, they are going to be used a lot. I could tell she had a good time and was relaxing a little. She had a glow about her all evening and knew she was surrounded by those who love her dearly. How could that not make you feel good all over?And of course I need to share one of the beautiful (and delicious) cake the lovely Katarina made.Such talent! Roseanne and I were going to go to the movies on Sunday but all the kids didn't get away until late and she was beat and that was good for me because I was still feeling yucky. I had just put some clothes on and off they came to be replaced by pj's. We had decided to go Monday night but right after I got dressed after being on the computer and phone non-stop all day, she called to say her dear hubby had decided to come home from Charlotte early so we cancelled again. Actually that was good news again because I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold yesterday morning. Hope it is just allergies but either way, feel yucky still.Roseanne and I do love a good movie. We were going to see The Time Traveler's Wife. We might still try to sneak away some time this week. Big D is going fishing down at Outer Banks with his two buds this weekend. He is getting really antsy to go because he hasn't had any jobs to speak of and the weather has gotten cooler. He can almost smell the ocean air. The cool news is his sister is down there with her younger daughter this week so they may get to have dinner together one night. Oh - I wish I was going. Haven't been to Outer Banks in awhile and I'm aching to go. No way. Plan to get out all day tomorrow (health willing), work on Thursday (and hopefully have a study over the phone; then get out on Friday; then work full time the following week and then I am done, done, done. DONE!

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