Thursday, September 3, 2009


Leah gave me some seeds several years ago to plant but I never got around to planting them. Her Mom had planted them and evidently they develop into something really nice.I've learned over the years that 99.9% of the things we have planted in our yard DIES! We have two really old Azaleas we planted in the front of the house - my Mom went into the woods beside my house and dug some nice rich dark earth to put in the holes with them. We planted one small rose bush out back the year we moved here that blooms a few roses every year in spite of the fact we forget it is there. Everything else dies within a year or two. We planted two vegetable gardens, did everything just so and all we got was plants with flowers, never any veggies except little skinny peppers. I even bought two Earth Boxes to plant tomatoes in and it was pathetic. Leah was determined I was going to have one of the wonderful plants so when she brought me all these gorgeous flowers to plant in containers on my deck that she and her Mom bought for me and brought along some more of the seeds. She planted them under my two nice iron trellises. That was this past Spring. I just noticed looking out my office window that there are some pretty purple blooms on the one that kind of survived.I had to put it here so she can see for herself that her labors were not a total waste! My flowers this year were so pretty. I didn't do as well as I should have in getting them all watered in a timely manner but most of them survived the hot summer. They are looking a little bedraggled now but I will let them stay in the pots and keep watering them as long as one tiny little bloom might pop up to make me smile.I got to see Leah's flowers when we were up there as a family in May and they were beautiful. I wish I couldn convince Big D to put a faucette out back so it would be easier to water all of them properly and quickly. I so appreciate that my girls have made sure the deck looks nice during the summer. Year before last, I did it on my own and did pretty good. As usual, I bought too many and then worked my self to death watering all year. So again, my talent as always is appreciating other's talents - not mine. Thanks Leah. (If you click on the pictures, you can get a better look at them)

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