Friday, September 18, 2009


I love that word - I am the epitome of procrastination. Yep - Type A personality all the way. I think about things constantly until they get done, I even work "on" them but seems like I "need" that little bit of push at the end to get me over the hump. I have been working on it and been doing much better staying on top of everything but I have definitely fallen off the wagon when it comes to housework. I have been putting it ALL off as long as I can. I do miss the days when someone came into my home (that was kept nice and straight) and did the "cleaning". Making sure the fans and baseboards were dusted, everything swept, vacuumed, washed, wiped, bathroom and kitchen cleaned, etc., etc., etc..I have a friend that is very organized. (Don't you just love this picture or her and dear hubby? What a handsome couple they are and fun to be with. We have been planning to get down to Florida to visit them for several years now but life keeps getting in the way.) I remember the first time I went to visit her in SC after she got married and moved down there. She was bored because she kept everything so clean and straight there was nothing left to do.That isn't my problem. When my house is in order, give me a book or movie and I'm happy, happy, happy. My Page is a great organizer too. When I broke my arm, she came through here like a tornado and got my closets, drawers, etc all in order. It was so nice. I kept it up for awhile but then life took over and it became overwhelming again. I think my biggest problem lately is I don't feel good. I got so behind with service and working all the time and then I got sick and still feel y u c k y so it is so out of control. (OOPS! There I go whining again - sorry.)Big D doesn't feel well either and we have been doing what we can in "spurts". Page just called to say she was taking the early flight after all and she and Big D are going to pick up Chinese from Page's favorite when he goes to get her at the airport. Leah and Page2 are on their way too so pretty soon We'll have all our girls here with us. Little D is going to call me and we are going to set up our laptops she he can eat with us via webcam. He really wanted to come but he had the pager and the guy who was going to cover for him backed out. I'll get to see him in October so I'm okay - he just hates not getting to see Big D and Page. He plans to come down just for a fishing trip with Big D in the next few weeks or so. Hope it works out.

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