Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jury duty over - let the fishing begin....

Big D called and was excited to say the verdict had been reached, make sure his clothes were clean and ready to go. He is going down to Morehead for a big fishing weekend that is called the Reel Escape. A friend of his sponsored this event every year for quite awhile; inviting his customers to go fishing while providing them the boat, bait, free lodging and great meals. Big D and his friend's brother helped him but after Big D's surgery, it got to be too much and he stopped doing it for awhile. His friend is retired now but invited some of those customers who enjoyed it for another Reel Escape with them carrying their own load. Big D got tired of hearing how pretty the weather and good the fishing was and had to go. Hope it turns out to be all he hopes it to be. I had to get a picture of him before he left in the new shirtPage brought him from Atlanta this past weekend. It is similar to another one she bought him and I love them on him. The color is perfect for his eyes and coloring and he says they are really comfortable. Page is so good at guessing people's sizes and styles - it's amazing. Oh, I almost forgot - the verdict was guilty. Funny thing - last night he asked me how to spell guilty so I spelled it several times. Then I asked, "Do you want to know how to spell innocent?" He said, "No, I'll just put "not" in front of it!" :-) He doesn't know what the sentence will be but hopes it isn't too bad - circumstances were strange.

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