Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy days and "Tuesdays" always get me down.....

I know, I know - it's rainy days and Monday....either way...we are back to dreary after a handful of sunny days. Just got back from the doctor's office - Big D had his physical today. Doctor looked at me and said, I have another physical right now so go to the front and get an appointment to come back today - I want to look at you again. I said, but I thought you said we both had a virus - mine on top of the bronchitis (7th week) and he said, Viruses last 7-10 days - go out there and get appointment and come back. Ja Sir Kapitän! I have an appointment at 1pm this afternoon. I love this t-shirt Page1 bought Page2Little D bought Page a small guitar and is teaching her how to play. She is doing well with it and seems to like it. I hope she takes to it and becomes proficient at it. I also love watching how patient Little D is with her when he is teaching her.I tried multiple times to upload a great video of Little D and Page playing the guitar but it would not upload for some reason. Very frustrating. Hard to believe Page will be 9 years old this coming Friday. Seems like just yesterday she was looking up at me saying "up". Now she is getting so tall - but still isn't too big to sit in granmommie's lap. Since her Aunt Page was still sitting in my lap after she was grown and not feeling well, who knows?

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