Saturday, September 26, 2009

Service, studies, rain, mushrooms........

I love mushrooms - especially the unique ones we see from time to time. There are a lot of mushrooms out right now because of all the wet days we have been having.I noticed these at the KH yesterday when I met the group for service. I used to find brilliant colored ones growing on trees when we had real woods behind us. Sad. Today Ger and I went on Shen's study and her little girl Lynn was on the porch with us. It was cool enough for us to sit oustide on the covered porch for the study and I took a picture of Shen and Lynn.It was so funny because we finally got through catching up and Lynn went inside when we got started on the study. In a few minutes, she came back outside. It took me awhile to realize she had changed clothes so I asked her, did you want me to re-take the picture of you in this outfit and she shly said yes so I had her pose again. This little girl loves to dress herself and definitely has her own style.I loved it - she said this is the outfit I wore my first day to school. What a sweetie. Then we picked up a quick lunch and I was dropped off at my second study. I wanted to get a few pictures of the boys but they didn't really want to pose and Ger was outside waiting for me. I'll try to get a better one of them next time.This is Syn - the baby. They are very close in age but different. Syn is 9 months old and I think Try is a little over 2 years. Mama has gone back to work and they are dealing with how to best take care of the boys while everyone's schedule is helter-skelter.These pictures really don't do them justice - they are both beautiful. Try had thick, long, curly wild hair that every woman I know would kill for. Try is a typical 2 year old and according to his Mom, seems to enjoy his day care. Syn on the other hand isn't as happy - still young and at the age where he likes to be held a lot. He is delicious to hold and they both have beautiful bright eyes and smiles! Can't wait to see them get older. Poor Fina - two boys so close in age - whew. The reason women should have children while they are still young!

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