Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10th Tuesday of 2010 and 75 degrees!!!!

Wow - the 10th Tuesday of the year has come and gone if you note the time of this Blog. Yep - another sleepless night. Not sure what triggers these episodes - got a few nights of pretty good rest and did nothing different so still not sure what to look for. It was a gorgeous day today - the sun was shining brightly and we even had to roll the windows in the car down in the afternoon. We had a nice group for service.
For some reason, I was in a "frisky" mood today. Sometimes I worry about that because I can get a little too rough with my joking around. These are some of my closest friends in that I spend a lot of time with them, however, I would never want to take that for granted. You would think at my age I would have mastered my quick tongue by now but I'm afraid some things will take the new system. It is amazing how talkative I can get in a group while at home I'm very quiet. This used to throw the people who worked with me off. They found that when I am working, I concentrate on several things at once and if interrupted, I'm not ill but my face looks stern. I've been cursed with a countenance that looks unhappy unless I am talking and animated. As I've mentioned before, being quiet works well at home since Big D isn't that talkative at home either. We talk in spurts but for the most part are quiet. I wonder if that is because he watches TV the whole time he is home and I've gotten used to not talking during the programs? That definitely could be part of it now that I think about it. I can remember when I would be trying to talk about something pretty serious and he would say, hold on a minute, I want to hear what the Fonz says. Hello? The Fonz? Arrgghhh - not a great memory now that I think about it. Yep, I think the TV being on non-stop may have had quite a bit to do with our being quiet at home. :-) It doesn't matter now - today was so pretty I'm not going to let anything worry me. Kurt and Leah got home safe from TX today, talked to my beautiful Page tonight and everyone seems to be okay. I'll close on that note with a picture of some pretty flowers. It is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow but I'm not going to worry about that because tomorrow is another day.......a gift.

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