Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How do you spell Paranoid?

So here it is after 3:30am and sleep eludes me. This is worse than last night - I woke up after 9am this morning so met with the group at 12:30 for a few hours of RV's. There was a little excitment tonight I could have done without. Big D was sleeping and I was watching TV while working on his books when around 12:30AM someone knocked on the front door. My sister had just told Big D several hours earlier about a lot of people in her neighborhood being robbed. The Sheriff had been out there and evidently one of the things people told him was someone coming to the door saying they were locked out of somewhere or something like that. Big D was groggy at first and turned the back porch light on and asked through the kitchen window what the man wanted. We couldn't hear him so Big D told him to come on the porch. Big D cracked the door and the man told him he lived down the street and was locked out of his house and could Big D give him a ride somewhere. Big D told him No and then offered for him to use the phone. By this time I was standing up in the kitchen area too as Big D handed him the phone and locked the door back. We watched him talk on the phone a good 15 minutes after which the guy walked away. I wrote my kids that we are now officially old people. It made me feel very vunerable that we let this guy know we were not necessarily afraid but were absolute wary of him being at our door. I did not like that feeling at all. We are also armed old people so maybe that makes us even. I was super suspicious of this guy and wasn't even sure he was actually talking to anyone or if we threw him off guard by not letting him in and he might be talking to his "partners". I also pretended I was on my cell phone while he was talking and I let him see me on it. How do you spell P A R A N O I D?Hmmm. So now I am even more wide awake than before but of course Big D is snoring up a storm! Miya was curious about the "commotion" with the guy and walked toward the kitchen to "investigate" but I don't really think she would have protected us. I was thinking a CoCo dog might have come in handy tonight. My friend used to have a Large Doberman named Heineken who would have come in real handy on a night like tonight. Oh yeah - I wouldn't mind answering the door with a Heineken beside me at all. I would also be a lot smaller than I am now because he would be eating me out of house and home. It rained, snowed and rained here and is quite cold so I'm not sure I will be getting out before lunch again tomorrow. LOL


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