Saturday, March 13, 2010

Change, Passing ---- Menopause - A Musical....

I had to leave the bridal brunch early today to meet my friend Roseanne at my house. We rushed to the theatre that is located in a neighboring city but were still a tiny bit late. I'll have to say this is my first time sitting on the front row and it was awesome!!! The musical was fast moving and so funny we never stopped moving from smiling and singing along
to laughing so hard we were hurting. Other times we were whooping as loud as we could because these four women were phenomenal! The songs were all very familiar tunes that had been tweaked with words like passing, change, hot flash, sweating --- you get the picture. After the show, we purchased the CD, magnets and a song book with the new words added in. The only reason I got these two pictures is because we were called up to the stage to be a part of their last number - since we were on the front row, by the time a lot of people got up there we were at the back and I started having - you guessed it - a HOT FLASH! How appropriate considering the show we just saw. We were getting our bags and I looked up to see the final two of the four getting ready to leave the stage and they happily waved good-bye to us. Of course I couldn't leave town without stopping by one of the few Krispy Kreme's in our area - oh yeah - ate one on the way out of town. Roseanne was vacillating between laughing and wanting to smack me by the time we got on the road back because I was using my GPS but kept turning too soon! She kept wondering why I bothered with a GPS if I wasn't going to listen to the voice. Roseanne - Mama always said I could be hard-headed at times. All in all - I'll have to say today was a .......good day.

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