Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Memorial - 2010

We meet tonight at the KH for the Memorial - it would have been my 43rd, however, I missed my 39th when I broke my arm. I was walking into the facility we had rented when I tripped on a piece of jagged concrete. Since I never made it through the door - officially, this is my 42nd Memorial. We finished our invitation campaign today except for a few we are personally following up with to make sure they are coming. It has been a gorgeous day - cool breeze, bright sunny skies and warm sun. I can't wait to see the huge full moon tonight. It is the only religious celebration we observe as we were commanded to do by Jesus. I miss my children all the time especially when we have special meetings, assemblies and/or conventions. But I miss them so much more during this season. I have them on my mind constantly throughout the whole day into the night. Knowing how much I have always loved my children, it brings home so much clearer how much Jehovah and his son love the world of mankind - even in it's sinful condition. Knowing that Jesus was the very first creation, the only "thing" or "person" created directly by his Father thereby making him the "only-begotten" son - it brings home the depth of the sacrifice - to watch his beloved Son be beaten, spit upon and reviled and then having huge nails tear through his hands and feet and hung up with two criminals to be humilated and tortured and all because of how much the Son and the Father love us - unworthy, ungrateful, sinful mankind. I pray my children will reflect upon the sacrifice during this time also. To know that for the first time since the beginning of all creation, Jehovah did not have his Son in existence for part of three days -- And that my dear loved ones is what you call - unselfish love.

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