Sunday, March 7, 2010

Buttercups or Large Daffodils.........

I was a grown woman before I learned a favorite flower of mine and my Mom's was really called something else. I grew up calling this flower a Buttercup - we would hold it under our chin and if it reflected a yellowish tint, it meant we loved butter - which I do. I learned later in life that this flower isn't a Buttercup after all - it is a Large Daffodil! How could that be? So I looked for Buttercups and thought - Nah - that can't be a Buttercup - but alas, the experts say it is. I still call it a Buttercup amongst those closest to me and have discovered they were also taught it was a Buttercup. I ordered a bouquet of Large Daffodils and Yellow Dwarf Tulips from a Florist I used for my sister last year in the PA city she lives in. They did a great job on the other flowers we sent her and to show you how good they are, they had a nice file on me with all my information so all I had to do was tell them kind of flowers, price range with nice vase and it happened! I love good customer service - it is worth the extra money! My sister's daughter-in-law took this picture so I could see how pretty they are. The day I ordered them I was in the grocery store later and found a small bunch of "Daffodils - ergo - Buttercups" for myself - with some of the bulbs not quite open. I was worried about them holding up but as you can see, mine are beautiful too. This weekend, Big D went to the Coast with a friend to help him with some chores around his house down there, hang out with another friend who went and watch the Duke/Carolina game (Duke won) and for Big D to eat fresh seafood at one of his favorite of all time seafood restaurants. He told me today when he got home that it was everything he had anticipated and more. We had a little drama Friday night when Big D called to say he had heard from a relative we haven't seen in over 16 years and he wanted me to go down and be with his sister because the relative was going to call her too. Big D was a little emotional but when I got down, his sister was doing pretty good. I brought her home with me to eat and help get her mind off everything. I fixed fresh salmon, roasted veggies and tossed a spinach salad with apples, mozzarella cheese, pecans and Paul Newman's Sesame Ginger dressing. YUM. We cracked open a bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay and I'll have to say, the meal was quite good even if I'm the one who cooked it. I truly love cooking and eating healthy - it is such a challenge with Big D around - if he even feels a "hint" that something is being prepared because it is "good for you", he automatically just doesn't like it. Talk about prejudice! The even funnier thing about that is a meal we had at his sister's last month that his niece prepared that actually was a healthy, "light" meal and he ate every bit of it - including Couscous! I can just see his face right now if I tried to serve him Couscous! Oh man - it makes me laugh just to think about it. We are going to have some re-heated up steak (he fixed at the coast), baked fries and I'm fixing a salad for me to go with it. Such a gorgeous day weather-wise today! Wore a sweater to the meeting and the breeze is cool but great and I stared singing "the hills are alive, with the sound of music in the parking lot "!!! :-) Of course everyone thought someone had run over a cat but Hey - I enjoyed it! Oh - and I finally swept this nasty house - of course, I've seen Miya's hair attached to several dust balls today but at least it was done before Big D got home!

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  1. Hey, you asked about the socks/tights Sigrid was wearing. It's the most confusing thing to me that I cannot find tights for her in her size. I've even blogged about it here and here . It's been this mysterious quest, for something that OUGHT to be in every children's clothing store. All I can find is microfiber tights - but I want knitted winter "sock" tights. So I keep an eye on eBay to find most of hers, and oddly the children's consignment stores in Spring and Summer when moms are cleaning out their kids' winter stuff. Didn't know how to email you back, so I posted here, but you can of course delete this.


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