Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bridal Brunch for a special young woman......

One of GG's granddaughters is getting married in May and we are all excited! Her wedding will take place on the beach at Jockey's Ridge and will be almost as beautiful as she is. She is the middle child of GG's youngest daughter and the first of her three sisters to wed. The weather cooperated beautifully even though it rained last night. GG's neighbor decided to act as "valet" and help us "not" park on the grass because it was very, very muddy. I think he enjoyed his roll and told me to tell GG he already had the sheriff's number on speed dial because of all the parties she has! So funny - that means she has a really big family and when they all get together it is definitely a party. BigD and I went down last night to be there when the bride, sister of the bride and mother of the bride arrived. I had to take a picture of BigD and GG in one of their familiar positions - sitting in front of the fireplace to smoke so the smoke will go up the chimney - yeah - that helps. I contributed my "famous" fruit salad and tried a different dressing - a nice thick Greek yogurt that already had Honey added to it. It was delicious. Greene asked me to get pictures of other food served so the bride's cousin who lives in Washington State could see. I think I will just send her the pictures I took so as not to take up too much room on this entry. I also took pictures of the people who were there but decided to just add the one of the group. I believe the bride was very, very pleased with everything she received. Everyone is getting excited about the actual wedding and being together as a family in one of our favorite places in the world. Overall it was a very pleasant way to spend a morning with family, friends and a beautiful beaming bride to be.

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