Thursday, March 4, 2010


Used this word today so thought I would look it up to make sure I'm using it correctly and I was. Redundant: Exceeding what is necessary or natural; superfluous. Big D took me for my routine Oncology appointment where we met with a PA who was new to us. He has been with the practice 8 years and barely looks 20 and guess what his name is - Van Tanner. How is that for a movie star name? He was very nice, answered the questions we had prepared and gave me a thorough examination. We learn a little more each time we go. Since they took my BP and weighed me, I called my regular doctor and cancelled the appointment I had scheduled with him tomorrow for them to weigh me and check my BP. I rescheduled it for a month out - told her I thought it would be redundant to have two co-pays for the same information and she agreed. She wrote the numbers from today down in my record so there - two birds with one co-pay. On the way home we stopped at one of our favorite places to get take-out Pizza and/or Cheese Steak Hoagies/Meatball Subs - Italian Pizzeria. This was the first one in Durham and the area isn't anywhere as nice as it once was but hey - it's worth risking your life to go pick it up. :-) See how pretty and sunny the sky is in the background? It has been a lovely day - wind is still a little nippy but it was nice being out. When BigD went by Costco to get some steaks to take down to the Coast (he is going down for the weekend) and I opted to sit in the truck in the sun. Yum After eating lunch and taking care of some paperwork, I thought I would take a short nap. Never got to sleep but I enjoyed laying down with Miya as the sun shone on us across the bed. I didn't get much sleep again last night and have been so tired. I talked with Van about it and told him I feel a lot of it is this cough that just will not go away. Big D agreed that I wake up several times at night having coughing spells so maybe that is it along with being sick so many times and shut in. I did get to go on a study with Ger yesterday afternoon. After the study, we picked up some flowers and took them to Eileen's Mom who has been living with her since she was having so many medical issues. She is feeling a little better and was so pleased with the little surprise. What woman doesn't like flowers? This lovely lady has been a part of my life off and on since I was in the 6th grade! After Eileen moved across town I started visiting her while out in service just to stop by and see how she was doing and sometimes give her the latest magazines. I tell her about my memories of spending the night with Eileen and how I loved the way she made "creamed" potatoes and always had a pretty little divided dish that had olives in one side and little sweet pickles in the other. I thought that was so cool. She also made great sweet tea and gave me her recipe for homemade lady fingers. YUM. While we were at the store, I also picked up some more Bamboo to go in a cool bowl I purchased awhile back at a consignment shop. It wasn't anything special - it just kind of "spoke" to me - asking me to put Bamboo in it. We'll see. I'm still looking for my stones to go in the bowl with the bamboo - it is here somewhere - just not sure where. As soon as I buy some more, I'll find that big bag of them. I also bought me a real small bouquet of Daffodils (my Mama always called them Buttercups) - I love them.

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