Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunny Sunday and retro-bookkeeping...

What a beautiful day we had today. After I left the meeting it was so pretty I decided to go for a short ride. I called both my babies to tell them I was missing them on the ride - brought back memories of when it would start getting nice outside and we would drop everything to just ride around for awhile. My Mom used to love to go riding with me - she would leave a note on the kitchen table telling anyone who came by that we had gone Scoota-Pooting. I rode across the lake and through the country to a small town nearby. It has a great gallery we used to go to often where they not only make pottery but showcase and sell other artist's creations. I wonder how much money I actually spent in that place back in the day? If you didn't know it was there, you would never think to look for it. The little town has changed some since the last time I was there but it still only took a few minutes to ride through. It made me think of another little town I used to go to often where my friend had her shop. As a matter of fact, she had a shop in both of these small towns. This one was a little bigger though and was becoming quite Yuppie-fied. I enjoyed working in both places but have to say the ride homes from the first town was much better. Sometimes after I closed the shop I would be driving back across the bridge just as the sun was setting over the Lake. I would stop and just watch it go down and feel my inner clock slowing down at the same time. I tried to get a picture but never succeeded in getting a good one. I have an Aunt who still lives near the second town I mentioned. Her house is the one we go to every year for our Family Reunion on my Mother's side. She married one of my Mother's two brothers but my Mom loved her as much as any of her others sisters and we do too. She is the last of my Mama's generation. I sent her a letter yesterday just to catch up on how things are going. I could call her but my Mama wrote letters and cards to her friends and family up until her last illness. She used to always say, "if you want to get mail, you have to send mail". I still have one friend who writes me on a pretty regular basis from Hawaii. She has email but still prefers to send me rambling notes in nice cards. I miss my rides with my kids and my Mama. I still remember the last time I drove Mama down to where she grew up. We always drove across a railroad track and this picture made me think about it. She would tell me all about what it was like when she was a child in school or when she was courting Daddy and they would go swimming in the river and she had to hold on to Daddy's neck real tight because she couldn't swim. Then we would both smile - her smiling at a wonderful romantic moment and me smiling at thinking of how fortunate I have been to have a Mom who loved to share her memories with us. I still love small little towns and villages. So that was a nice little interlude. Then I came home to reality and worked on Big D's books some more - what a nightmare and it is no one's fault but my own. I finally got one thing caught up and really need to apply myself to getting the rest done so our wonderful accountant can do our taxes. Here it is after 1am again and it has been at least 1:30am for the last 4 nights before I even got to bed. Not sure what is going on but don't like it. At least I can take my sweet memories to bed with me. I may try to get past Big D without waking him to look at the full moon before I go to bed. Shhhhhh.....

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  1. Would love to have gone riding with you. Needed to clean though before grand kids came over. The moon was gorgeous.


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