Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful friends, artwork and sunsets......

I promised more about the trip and pictures. First I want to show you the vase I made in our glass making class.I was very pleased with the results. We were allowed to actually blow some but the master and his apprentice stayed in control most of the time which was good. We also used paddles and huge tweezers to shape and open the mouth of the pieces. The next piece is an example of some of their more expensive works - they call them "whimsical" pieces. It is usually very heavy and truly amazing when you watch what it takes to make one small vase. We were very impressed with what we saw and can see why these people love their work. When we went back to pick up our pieces, there were two young people working there - they work under the arrangement that if they serve as apprentices, they can have free time to practice themselves. Fran really wants to be an apprentice but where do we find the time for those things we really love? I can't express how special this trip became to me. It had so many of the characteristics that make me happy - meeting old friends to get caught up, meeting new friends, working with different congregations, re-visiting old places and seeing what changes have taken place, not having to make many decisions except what to do next with someone who makes everything feel special, sleep, being on the water, feeling the sun and cool air at the same time and of course - a beautiful sunset over water.

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  1. how lovely i am jealous. Glad you had a great trip.


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