Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Been awhile....

It has definitely been awhile since my car wouldn't start. I called Gerl and she let me know someone would pick me up. BigD said he would charge the battery and let me know if it started after that. Rie picked me up and I went with her on a great study. It was so nice having her back in town after being on vacation for over a week. I called BigD who said it wasn't the battery so he bought a starter and was going to put it on. That didn't work either so he called our mechanic who gave him some suggestions to try tomorrow. Wow - 14 years old, 199,000 plus miles and I really think this is the first time I've had this type of problem. She really has been a good old girl hasn't she? Especially when you consider how many mishaps she has been involved in and the constant use of around town driving these past 10 years as well as the many long trips. I hope she can be fixed soon - I'm not even going to allow myself to consider she might be un-fixable. I called Lori to see how Ann's appointment went today. Overall - I feel pretty positive. Once she gets the bacteria under control, there is a plan that will be put into play. The word for today - Quality. That is the word her doctor used - he is going to focus on quality of life - a permanent line w/chemo monthly and hopefully a quality of life - one day at a time. Hopefully once the bacteria is under control, she will re-gain some of her energy and feel a little better.

She does love to spread out which means she sometimes encroaches on my side of the bed. Hmm - as I recall, the other Page had a tendency to sleep like that and I sleep with one leg pulled up like that.

I love that soft, relaxed look on her face.

Remember my trip to Virginia last month when Kurt and Leah were planting their garden so quickly before the rain came? Look at what she found today! She sent me another picture of 4 large ones - a nice reward for the hard work - Yum. When I spoke with her tonight, she told me she made muffins with them with blueberries and a crumble topping. Double Yum. She also shared with me that her fire ant bites (she got more than I did) were still driving her nuts too. They do get nasty looking as time passes.

I'm trying to decide if this is better looking or worse? Yuck! And MAN - I need to lose weight - even my toes look like little porkers. Keep your comments to yourselves please! :-)


  1. This little piggy went to the market... ;)
    Did they put plants in the ground or seeds?? I can't remember.

  2. So sorry about your car too :( I'll have to read on to find out what's wrong with it. Hope it's a cheap fixable problem...


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