Friday, October 1, 2010

First Day, 10th Month, 2010th Year........

It's time to sing that song again - I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Yep - woke this morning to a bright sunshiny day. It felt pretty good. I decided today was going to be a "deliberate down" day. My kids will know what I mean by that from when they were younger and I worked such hard long hours. Some Saturdays I would steal that time to just "be"(which meant a down day for them too). I might get up and piddle with this or that OR I might just spend most of the day in my bed - reading, watching TV, listening to music, talking to my babies about everything and nothing, bring my meals in there and eat while talking to the kids (who were also eating in bed with me at times) or reading, or watching an old movie on TV. Sometimes I would get caught on my correspondence - yep in those days before email, I was exchanging letters and cards on a regular basis with up to 12 people in any given month. I keep up with many more people than that on a daily basis now with email but I still miss getting letters every so often. My Mom taught me that if you want to get mail, you have to send mail. Maybe that's why it hurts my feelings when I send someone a "personal" email and don't get a response. It feels just like it would when I would sit down and type the letter (no one can read my writing), put it in the envelope, put the stamp on it and put it in the mailbox hoping to hear a response soon only to never receive an answer. I had a pretty set rule in those days, I write you, you write me, I write you, you write me.....if I wrote twice without a response, I assumed it was time to drop that particular correspondence for awhile......until whatever was keeping the other person from writing went away or ...... not at all. October is already setting up to be a busy month. I am planning to go to Jaz's graduation soiree tomorrow evening but got a little worried about it getting dark before I could drive home since it is going to be about a 30 minute drive away. I just checked on-line though and think it will work out OK. I just won't be able to stay very long. The party starts at 5pm and the sun sets at 6:56pm so as long as I get on the road around 6:15 or so, I should be okay (unless it's raining at which time I become a loaded gun on the highway). Page is flying in Monday evening - Yea!!! for the week and then the rest of our little family will be here Friday. Ruth's dear hubby is driving up for a long weekend next weekend to relieve her some at the hospital so hopefully she will be able to be here with all of us at least once. After the kids go home Sunday week, Eileen wants me to come down to EI and stay several days with her to go out in service. She promised we would get out three complete days so I'm tentatively planning to do that. That will give me one weekend to get this house in order for the luncheon I'm having for the women who are still in this area I studied the Bible with and are now my sisters. All but one has said they are coming so we should have fun - some meeting new friends and some getting caught up with old ones. Hope to get some good pictures of everyone. I just realized I don't have a picture of Ruth's brother. I'll have to look on FB to see if there are any there from her son's wedding. I found it! I really believe this is the only picture I have of him. Poor baby - he pretty much knows the whole story now and will be making some hard decisions pretty soon. I know he appreciates everything Ruth is doing for him even if he doesn't always know how to show it. We got to talk a little tonight and it was fun to laugh so hard we couldn't talk several times. I think we both needed that. Keith took some pictures with his phone when they were in seldom worked territory in WV. They finally sent them to me so I could show them. They talked about the steep hills, narrow roads and bridges and sheer beauty of their territory, about the people they met who are descendants of the famous Hatfield and McCoys, about the wonderful food - especially the food Keith cooked from his Gma's recipes including salisbury steak and cheesecake! And of course they were busy in the territory. I know Keith is going to miss his adoptive Mom when she moves to the country to be with her Mom. And then there is the down time they had including hikes into the wilderness to keep them in awe of the beauty of WV. Next year I really want to go again. We'll plan and hope.

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