Thursday, December 16, 2010

50th Thursday of 2010th year.....

Wow - I was looking at older pictures and can not believe how little Page was and she was actually pretty plump right here. Now she is 10 years old and growing up so fast. How did that happen? We woke to snow this morning but it had already started raining before I got my first cup of coffee. It did warm up some during the day but is freezing rain again tonight so the meeting was cancelled. I actually got quite a bit of work for BigD done today. Don't get excited - I haven't really made that big a dent in
what is ahead for end of the year but some things we had been putting off. I just checked and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 41. The problem is; when will the roads be okay enough to get on them tomorrow? Oh well - I'm working so hard to stick with my plan for this service year of taking things one day at a time. It actually goes against everything in me to be that way as I've been reminded of in many ways over my lifetime. The message in a nutshell is how much I need to "stop and smell the roses" instead of anticipating what is ahead so much. I have heard it so many times I feel like poor Vinnie does in this picture and want to tell people to "kiss my big fat peach"! I know, I know - you had no idea I could be quite so rude did you? Take a close look at Vinnie's face though - it cracks me up every time. The things we put our pets through some times. Princess Miya is so angry with me right now she will not even look at me. I'm determined we are going to get at least one dose of her meds in her a day. I hate how she holds grudges though and miss feeling her body being up close and against mine - especially at night. We have two more Thursday's to go and hopefully my girls will all either be here or close to being here next Thursday. Also looking forward to Bentley and Kurt but not 100% sure either of them are coming yet - will know something by next week for sure.So I'll sign off with a little note Page wrote a few years ago. Hope it makes you smile and feel good too.

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  1. Glad you will soon be seeing your girls, hope the guys will make it too.
    We torture Shakespeare too. Last night he kept trying to lay on our cribbage board and so we put a cowboy hat on him, he stayed there out of pure stubbornness for the rest of the game :)
    Drive safely if you do go on the roads today. Alex has a 2hr delay, and my washer has been frozen all week, so after I take him to school, I'll be heading to the laundr-o-mat :(


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