Wednesday, December 29, 2010

52nd Wednesday of 2010....

This is my beautiful Page tolerating me taking her picture. I LOVE her scarf - she has had it awhile but it seems new to me everytime I see it I guess because I didn't remember it. She and Page2 were getting ready to go out for the play date with Boy and Biscuit this past Monday. She left for home yesterday afternoon and got home safe and sound. Color me, BigD and Page2 happy she got home safe but sad she had to go. I have to work very hard at acting like a grown-up at times like this. She has to get everything in order before her new work year starts next week and I'm sure she and Bentley want to have some free time together before he goes back to work next Tuesday. I know he is dreading it on so many levels but maybe they will surprise him and have an inside job for him - yeah - right. Page and I started
a new book last night - one of the Callahan Cousins series. I don't think it is too old for her (they are 12) and she seems to like it. We'll see. I let her sleep in again this morning since we got to bed so late but hopefully I will get her (and me) down earlier tonight. These are the candies Page brought us - YUM. Not too rich but decadent just the same. She also brought a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, a coconut cake and a peach pie. GG stopped by for a few minutes and we asked her to come to dinner Saturday night when Kurt and Leah are here to get Page. We enticed her with BigD's great steak and some more of his homemade bleu cheese dressing. YUM! Wish Page and Bentley could be with us too but maybe we can talk on the phone while they are all here. BigD has given me some paperwork that has to be done and gone to pick up some groceries. Guess I had better get busy - Page still needs to practice her guitar, do her multiplication exercise and read and I'm still in my PJ's. Hmm - think I'll take a shower first. That should make everyone much happier!

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