Wednesday, December 15, 2010

where does the time go.....

When I went on Shen's study yesterday - it really hit home that another year is coming to an end. I had to laugh at the little "statue" on top of the tree. She isn't celebrating this year but her hubby went ahead and put up a tree. She said she had no idea where he found this but we laughed and laughed and I had to take a picture - besides I wanted to show her my new camera. Lynn was with me and we were all trying to guess what it represents - and whoever it represents, it is black. That is what made us all laugh - Shen and her family are white! Lynn is black but she couldn't figure out who it represents either. We all agreed her hubby did a pretty good job. I'm very proud of Shen for the stand she has taken and hope this means she is planning to continue moving forward. I know she is enjoying her new little house with it's fenced in yard, wonderful warm heat and a bathroom that actually works!Everyone who knows me knows how much I love trees. Look at the trunk of this tree - it looks like different trees joined together and grew into this full, beautiful tree.Last night, our Elders and some of their wives took all the Pioneers to dinner at BigD's favorite local fish restaurant so I was able to bring him a plate home. It was nice being with everyone in spite of the cold weather.I picked Luz up and we talked and laughed all the way there. I think I like Luz's hair color like this over any other she has ever had it. Such a sweet person who has overcome some pretty large obstacles to get where she is.
BigD didn't even bother to wake me this morning because it was so cold. When I woke, my sinuses were so dry from this heat they felt raw. There was no way I was going out to breathe in that cold air. Been stuffy all day. Keith called from his grandma's to invite me for lunch but when he heard how stuffy I was, he agreed it wasn't a good idea for me to be around her. I know everyone had fun though. I made a tiny little dent in some of the clutter "on top of things" today. GG stopped by this morning for a short visit and seemed pretty good. BigD put some pinto beans on to not only eat but so we would have some moisture in the air. Not sure about the moisture but they sure did taste good. Big chunks of ham, lots of soup - yum.

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  1. That post was great. But that statue is still up there.


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