Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the......

I follow some blogs of people who visit Paris on a regular basis - some live across the pond and others just fly there on a regular basis. Color me jealous. Their pictures make me yearn to be back there for a much longer visit than one day. I also learned something today about Claude Monet...It turns out I haven't even touched half of his works. There just isn't enough time to indulge in all the interests you have but I would love to go back and see some of his paintings there including some of his "snow" pictures.When I saw this picture on the blog, I immediately started searching and found that this was just one of many delicious such paintings done by him of snow scenes. I loved reading about his life and learned that he pretty much lost his sight but did have one surgery for cataract removal later in life which made it possible for him to continue painting. Sadly, it was lung cancer that finally took his life. When I read about his life as a younger man, I try to imagine what it was like back then. He loved nature and there was so much more of it to enjoy back then. What a talent he possessed - Awww - Paree!!!!


  1. Yes, the Monet exhibition was quite a treat....He was such a great talent!
    If you ever get the chance, go to his garden and house in Giverney, also very nice.

  2. Sabine - I was just talking to my daughter about your comment - she travels to Europe at least once a year for work and I would love to coincide a trip with her one time so we could take the time to do just that. Dreams are nice aren't they?


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