Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dreaded appointment and mall visit - check, check

Really, really didn't want to keep my medical appointment but decided to "bite the bullet" so to speak and get it over with. After waiting with other patients for over an hour, I finally met with one of the PA's I've seen before. He was pleased with the results of the blood test (they aren't concerned about my weight or BP that much). We talked a little about depression, exercise and he answered some more of my questions. It turns out they are going to schedule me another PET scan sometime in April - a year after my first one. We are more interested in the one in my gut area near my liver than the one in my neck. He talked about what kind of treatment I would receive if one of the ones in my neck manifests itself and what side affects, etc., to anticipate. Every one of my visits here have been pretty upbeat - even when talking with others in the waiting room - everyone tries to have a good attitude and they are so much worse off than I am it makes me ashamed and more determined to maintain a better attitude. I had gotten a call saying the shirts I ordered for BigD and Kurt as well as the two dresses I ordered for Page1 were in so I sucked it up and decided to go ahead to the mall to pick them up. I called Ruth and she agreed to go with me. It turns out she wanted to buy something too so I'm glad she agreed to come along. This will also have to be continued since I have to study for the meeting........

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