Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a nice treat....

Since our KH was being used for the Elder and MS school this whole weekend, we were told we could go to our meeting at any of the other congregations in our area we wanted to. It looks like my dear Lin and her two daughters came to this one too. They used to be in this congregation and still have close friends here, so it was nice for them to see everyone. Eileen and I had planned to go to the one my sister and her hubby attends but found out he has been really sick all weekend (he even missed the Elder School - bummer)and they were going to listen in. This is also the congregation Roseanne attends. Most of her family were there today excluding her son and wife who I found out today just purchased a townhouse in a city closer to us! They were all together for dinner last night and surprised Roseanne and her hubby with their anniversary present -Adirondack chairs!!! As she put it - the "real" thing! They are unfinished so she can either stain them or paint them whatever color she wants. I know she and hubby will enjoy them. It made me remember the ones I loved down at OBX - I liked the soft pastel colors they used too.Bri's little girl - Rose - was wiped out! Look at how big she has gotten and I love her shoes.And here is little Jane - what a cutie pie she is. A real mix of her Mom - petite - and her paternal grandma - short!I got to speak with her in the restroom and she is smart as a whip. I found out today that Roseanne is the "big" voice in her congregation. Some of the little ones got a little too rowdy and she called out to them to stop running. It cracked me up because I'm only one of several in my congregation who are known to have the "voice". Once you have been a Mom in the congregation - all the children are yours and in her case - I think a few of them might have been some of her "grands". Bri and SherA dear old friend - his wife was telling me today she will be 70 in May!!!! When did that happen? They both look great though. Wonderful memories of times spent with them before children, during children and some since children are grown and gone.Poppy and her pretty Mom - didn't get one of her baby sister who is just a little hand full of love. She finally woke up and when I smiled at her in her Mom's arms, she just kind of reached right out and fell into mine. That would have been great except I was in the middle of a "flash" and when I went to hand her back to her sweet Mom, she was fanning and in the middle of one herself (post baby flashes) so I handed her to Katarina. It was sad and funny at the same time.And last but not least - my dahlink Lauren. Don't you love her hair like that? Looks tres' elegant and sophisticated. This young woman and I became good friends about 6 years ago when we both started pioneering. I have enjoyed watching her blossom into a beautiful and strong woman on so many levels. She has gone through the kind of disappointment this year that takes your breath away and as you can see, she is still here. My Page reminded me that in time, she will look back on what happened and realize it was only about 2 years of her entire life and that she learned invaluable lessons it takes many of us a lifetime to learn. Most of the pictures I took didn't turn out but when we came outside (we were part of the last ones to leave), the sun was bright, the air not quite as frigid and Eileen told me she had so much fun talking to everyone! Ahhhh - a good day.

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  1. It was a good day. Glad Patsy came with you.


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