Friday, December 17, 2010

Sixty-Six Years!!!!!!

So here we are - I turned 64 last month, we were married 45 years as of last Friday and today BigD turned 66! It is hard to catch BigD for a picture but I did find a few including the one of us in 2004 down at Oak Island. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we got married and lived in that tiny little 8x36 trailer over on Rowena. He gets down there quite often with his friend who has a gorgeous house down there. I've been with them a few times and the last time I went, I was with my dear friend Fran. This next picture of BigD was taken in 2008 at a graduation party for a friend's daughter. This was one of the last parties we were at with I.T. so it was a special time for us. He just came home from the grocery store and called GG to see if our niece was in town but she won't be in until December 22nd. I think he is going to cook some BBQ chicken tonight but I all but begged him not to invite anyone over because I am finally making a tiny bit of headway in this house. Going to work at it for a few more hours and then sit down for a nice glass of wine. I plan to plod through more of it tomorrow and hopefully will have major things done by Sunday night. Since I haven't been out but two days this week, I'm an even further behind than before but - - - one day at a time. :-)

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